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Forum Moderator Development

Since all YPO Forum members are expected to play the Moderator role at some time, this training gives you a chance to get a clearer look at how your forum functions and how to lead it.

  • Opportunities to take fresh ideas back to your forum, and to develop a plan to take your forum to its next level of functioning.
  • Learn about the resources that are available to help you strengthen your forum.
  • Discover how to effectively contend with challenging people and difficult situations that can arise in any forum.

All sorts of unexpected conundrums occur throughout the life of a forum.

  • Moderator training allows you to explore these sorts of scenarios by reviewing case studies through wide-ranging discussions that lead to many “aha” experiences.
  • These learning moments inform a more nuanced appreciation and deeper grasp of the sophisticated forum environment.
  • You learn the ways that successful moderators turn threats into opportunities, advancing both individual growth and group development.

Forum org structures and templates are reviewed, and explained how to be put into helpful practice.

  • You will learn about your own strengths and weaknesses, and how their effective management assists you in not only leading your forum, but also how these experiences translate those tools and skills into other areas of your life as well.
  • You will develop a firsthand competency of the Forum Success Principles, Forum protocol, and effective norms from the moderator’s point of view.
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