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Part of being in the career hot seat is dealing with the unknown. Making the tough decisions. Powering through unforeseen obstacles and unexpected failures. And through all of this, in my practice, many leaders have confidentially shared “It’s lonely at the top.”

You are not alone

A 2013 study by the Stanford Business School found that nearly two-thirds of CEOs don’t receive executive coaching or leadership development. And almost half of senior executives in general aren’t receiving any, either. Paradoxically, nearly 100 percent said they would like coaching to enhance their development, as both Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Forbes reported in recent articles.

As your coach

I have deep passion for helping others reach their potential. I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to hang out a coaching shingle. I am a licensed clinical psychologist who has dedicated my career to helping people craft professional and personal lives that they love, from the inside out. For more than 25 years I have coached senior executives; from organizational leaders of global Fortune 50 companies, to owner entrepreneurs charting the course for family-owned business, to maverick leaders of some of the most exciting startups today. What I really love is working with leaders who are realizing the competitive advantage of learning and developing.


What I do Specifically

I partner with my clients to learn about the ways they may unknowingly be getting in their own way. These insights are then complemented with practices to overcome barriers to their career effectiveness and overall happiness.

With business and organizational teams, I draw on my years of interpersonal group process experience to design and facilitate team-building sessions that enable team members to take an honest look at themselves and the dynamics of their situation. The results are greater trust, collaboration, and team momentum and efficiency.

When not working with individual clients or teams, I offer leadership and other growth related trainings around the world. I especially enjoy working with members of the Young Presidents’ Organization – an outstanding global network of young chief executives and their families.

YPO Forum Services

Forum Fundamentals Services

Every new YPO member wishing to join a forum is expected to participate in a one day Forum Fundamentals training led by a Certified Facilitator. I relate to this day as an initiation of sorts for the new member.

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Forum Moderator Development

Since all YPO Forum members are expected to play the Moderator role at some time, this training gives you a chance to get a clearer look at how your forum functions and how to lead it.

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Forum Retreats / Supercharge

Every year forums are expected to go on a retreat. At their best, these two to four day occasions strive to combine fun and learning in a comprehensive program that seamlessly honors both.

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Couples Retreats Services

We replay our emotional patterns over and over again. How do we develop a sense of humor about them? What are the ways that we’re difficult to be with?

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Keynote / Facilitation Services

In my Facilitations and Keynotes I will use programs and processes drawn from some of the examples of the modular materials below. These can serve as either chapter wide events, or as rendering this material into forum retreat experiences.

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Spousal Forum Services

Spouses of members who are in a Forum often want the opportunity to experience Forum. In the same manner in which the YPO member benefits from Forum, the spouse will similarly benefit.

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Bert has helped my senior management team and me personally. He aided each of our executives to become more aware of our strengths and weaknesses, and how to better play to each other’s strengths. He enabled us to see different options to resolve conflicts that we alone could not see. He assisted me personally by encouraging me to grow into the person he believed I could become. His wisdom has helped me see life another way; a fundamentally more beneficial way.

Reggie Dupre, CEO, Dupre Logistics, LLC., Lafayette, LA

For the years that Bert has served as faculty in our Notre Dame Integral Executive Education MBA program, he has offered powerful learning regarding the complexity of challenges that accompany real change. His areas of expertise involve his understanding of the hidden dimensions of the growth and development process, and how to bring communication skills, conflict management and taking broader perspectives to bear on otherwise intractable problems. Bert is congenial and well liked by the students and faculty, and his presence as a facilitator is complemented by the depth of his understanding of the nuances and sophistication of the Integral model. He is indeed a world-class expert in these regards, and our program has been fortunate to continue to learn from his many gifts.

Leo Burke, Program Director, Notre Dame

Bert is not only a world-class professional trainer, but he does so with a confidence that is complemented by highly attuned interpersonal sensitivity and empathic attunement. People are drawn to Bert as a person, enjoying his openness, authenticity and warmth. I would be delighted to furnish any further information, either written or via telephone, that might assist you in your decision-making relative to Dr. Parlee.

Rick Fort, President, ESM

As a large enterprise level organization moving towards increased global complexity, we needed larger, more empowering frameworks within which to manage our many complications and contradictions. Bert introduced us to Polarity Management and related Integral mental models, allowing us to have next level conversations with new stage concepts. Over the next few years with Bert serving as coach, facilitator, coach and consultant, our leadership team was much better prepared to negotiate the shift from a print to a digital foundation.

Vince O’Brien, President, ESM

In 2008 I was fortunate enough to participate in one of Integral Institute’s Leadership Seminars that was facilitated by Bert Parlee and other world-class integrally informed thinkers. I was so inspired by Bert’s leadership skills and presentation style that I invited him to participate in a transformative initiative being implemented by the Government of British Columbia’s Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance. By means of executive coaching and staff training seminars, Bert pla…

Wayne Reid, Manager: Transformation and Implementation, Government of British Columbia, Provincial Services

Our “next generation” management team training program has been a much smoother process due to Bert Parlee’s expert leadership. There is no doubt in the owners’ mind that Bert has been successful in ways that went beyond the current owners’ thinking and training methods for their next generation team. We are delighted that things are working much better than expected due to Bert’s leadership.

Clayton Smith, CEO, Smith Management Inc., Dallas

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