How to Approach our Epic Global Challenges

How to Approach our Epic Global Challenges with Informed Hope and Faith

Featured in Kosmos magazine –

I am privileged to be a member of multiple progressive communities spanning the globe. These include spiritual, environmental, activist and other ‘enlightened’ groups—each sharing a concern, in their own way, for the future of humanity and our planet. I am regularly honored to participate in deep discussions with some of the brightest contemplatives, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and change agents of our time. And everywhere I go, the consensus seems clear: our human species—and perhaps Planet Earth itself—is in serious trouble.

Global warming, nuclear proliferation, transcontinental pandemics, economic meltdown, weapons of mass destruction, over- population, extinctions, ethnic cleansing and genocide, poverty and starvation, ecological disasters—the nightmare list seems never-ending. Everyone seems to agree: something bad, and possibly catastrophic, is happening as we speak..

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